Chemical Dilution and Dispense System

System Features

Among the chemicals used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and FPD (Flat Panel Display), low-concentration chemicals are also used.
With the chemical dilution and dispensing system, high-purity chemicals can be diluted into low-concentration chemicals with pure water in the manufacturing factory, which can be further dispensed to manufacturing equipment, thereby reducing the chemical and transportation costs.

System Category

Representative chemicals include developer (TMAH, KOH etc.), hydrofluoric acid, ammonium hydroxide and cleaning solution.

Description of Materials

The diluted chemicals can use conductivity meter, refractometer, ultrasonic concentration analyzer, near infrared method (NIR), pH meter etc., to determine the diluted concentration.

Application Industry

Since the diluted chemicals produced are acid or base chemicals, the fluid receiving parts use the material of fluorine resin (PFA, PTFE), and the equipment external structure uses the material of PP or PVC (Model-2).

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