Waste Chemical Collection System

System Features

Through the waste chemical collection system, chemicals (waste liquids) used in the manufacturing of semiconductors, FPD (Flat Panel Display) and solar cells etc. are delivered to the waste chemical recycling tank and waste chemical processing equipment etc. via the pipelines by means of gravity or pump delivery.

System Category

Waste chemicals are recycled according to the characteristics and the requirements for solvents, acids, hydrofluoric acids, bases and hydrogen peroxides respectively. Waste chemicals of acids and bases generally adopt the neutralization, coagulation and settlement processes, followed by draining into river or sewage. For waste chemicals of hydrogen peroxides, the hydrogen peroxides are decomposed for draining into river or sewage. However, if hydrogen peroxide decomposition equipment is not available, then it is necessary to deliver such waste chemical to waste chemical processing operators for handling. Waste chemicals of solvents are delivered to operators capable of recycling chemicals, reusing chemicals and processing waste chemicals for handling.

Description of Materials

Fluid receiving parts for waste chemicals of solvents mainly use the material of stainless steel (SS304). For systems of acids and bases, PP, PVC, PTFE lining and PFA pipes are used.

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