Installation and Piping Operations

System Features

Purpose:Construction procedures specify the construction processes, installation methods and installation specifications in order to ensure the most basic quality and safety for the for project pipeline construction.

Applicable Scope

Construction procedures and specifications are applicable to the construction quality and safety for the piping, installation, positioning and inspection of high-purity chemicals (fluids, acids or bases, organic solvents), including high-purity pipelines PFA/PVDF/CPVC/SUS316 LEP /SUS304 etc. and fitting related auxiliary materials.

Construction Basic Requirements

●Construction shall comply with the Site Construction Management Regulations, Safety Management Regulations, Safety Construction Directions.
●Safety helmets, safety shoes, safety belts and safety goggles are standard basic safety equipment.
●Personnel and equipment shall obtain permits and certificates prior to the entrance of the plant.
●For construction operations, written applications shall be submitted according to the customer procedures and approval shall be obtained. For special operations, risk assessment shall be submitted.
●Prior to operation, it is necessary to inspect the surrounding environment, and the basic safety criteria shall be satisfied before performing the construction.
●Construction operation processes shall be equipped with safety labels and signs. For independent construction areas, safety control (safety cones, fences etc.) shall be implemented. For cross-construction areas, in addition to the safety control, construction shall be performed according to the coordination with the owner or contractors in order to reduce the construction risk.
●Implement hazardous materials classification and management properly.
●Implement isolation of flammable objects properly.

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